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Saratoga Springs Convention Photographer

Hiring a convention photographer in Saratoga Springs NY might not be one of the highlights of the planning phase leading up to your event.

Want to check it off your list?

Well then you need to speak with me so that I can help work out the details well before the event with you. And have a seamless experience photographing for you on the day of the event. Where you can sit back and do the other 237 things you need to do post-event without wondering “when are my photos going to get here?” “ Will I have the 36 that I asked for in web-res ready by Tuesday like I was promised?” “Will I have to chase down a darn photographer because he is missing at my event?”

Bring me on your team as your Saratoga NY convention photographer and forget all that!

I’m a full time professional photographer serving Saratoga Springs NY. My work is dedicated to creating the photos and providing the services that businesses and event planners need. Making the kinds of images from your event that publications will want. Pivoting mid-event as a new need comes up or a schedule changes. Surviving for hours on end on power bars and water while keeping a smile on my face.

Some of the typical events I have covered include:

  • Single day business conferences.
  • A multi day major corporate event.
  • Advocacy days where agencies come to lobby New York State government.
  • Press conferences covered for the organization holding the conference.
  • Major multi day conventions.

How to contact your next Saratoga NY convention photographer

This Link Right Here Will Get You In Touch

Filling out a contact form will not get you into some email insanity where you are suddenly getting bothered night and day with the top ten tips for giving away vendor swag or how to choose podiums.

I’ll be in touch. You won’t get pestered. You will get someone who will help identify what you need. Or will give you a fast estimate based on the specs you already have. “last year we did this…” and “can you help us figure out how to …” are both statements that make me very happy.

You can call me at 1 (518) 843-0414.

How about I help you put hiring a photographer for your Saratoga Springs NY convention on your “done” list?

Let’s talk today.