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Lake George Conference Photographer

With so many great Adirondack Mountain conference, meeting and retreat locations on and around Lake George NY, it’s no wonder that so many business meetings and corporate events are held on the lake and in the vicinity.

This is a popular destination for conventions and business meetings.

And you need a great photographer to document it all for you.

What you’ll get from the top Lake George Conference and Meeting photographer

Experience, ideas and support.

You see, I’m a business photography specialist. Go ahead. Take a little detour around my website and blog. You’ll see a distinct lack of family portraits. There aren’t any baby photos or a ton of landscapes. No rudimentary shots of a product in a studio as a claim that I’m a “commercial photographer”.

I’m a business photography specialist. And a subset of that business photography concentration and focus is my meeting, event and corporate event photography for businesses. You’ll see lots of those exact types of photos shown in my portfolio.

You see, I work for marketing departments. Directors of corporate communications. Advertising and public relations agencies. I understand business communications needs.

And with me you get a well experienced full time photographer who serves business clients.

What’s different about my work as one of the best Lake George corporate event photographers

My foundation of experience is from a couple decades as a full time news photographer. So I’m agile in terms of being able to handle tough technical situations or move quickly during an event to get the photos you need with a minimum of disruption. Being unobtrusive is a well tuned skill.

But it doesn’t end there. I help plan in advance, working through the coverage needs of a business meeting, helping create a plan that will let me get you the photos you need without having to rush around last minute to figure it all out.

I’ve covered events all over New York state. And I’ve worked nationally as well, covering recently events in Atlanta and New Orleans.

Sure, I can make the quick group photos you need. But my experience allows me to use unobtrusive lighting to improve those stiff podium shots, or improve the presenters in front of the screen photos that are inevitably needed. This lighting skill allows me to create great group and formal photos that are lit well and are a notch above the competition in terms of professionalism and visual appeal.

But it goes so much further than there. Take a look at this photo. It goes so much further than just taking a group shot of a team building exercise. Yes, I made a standard group photo. But I took it one step further to make an image that featured everyone on this team building project in a more interesting way.

You’ll have a variety of images from me from every event that will help fill up your internal websites and your external public relations needs. And as a former news photographer, I can make the types of images that third party editors will want to run, and run big in their publications.

Wow, we really need Mitch as our Lake George business meeting photographer!

And I’d be very interested in learning about the event you are planning

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Contact me as soon as you can. It is best if I hear about your event as soon as possible. Then I can help you with the advance planning. And can offer ideas and suggestions for making it all happen smoothly.

As a meeting and event photography specialist in Lake George I can easily and quickly complete or provide necessary paperwork to become a vendor to your company. And I can provide a certificate of insurance to venues which usually require proof of liability insurance before they will allow a vendor to work on their property.

So get in touch today and let’s become a team!


Location: Lake George, NY.