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The definition of what type of photography a Cooperstown event photographer does can be fairly broad. It's a catch-all term that covers a wide spectrum of what a professional photographer in Cooperstown might do.

I’ll start by eliminating one aspect of event photography: My work does not serve the consumer marketplace where a photographer will handle social events, gatherings of families, personal milestones, life milestones, sporting events and similar sorts of event photography.

What my work does focus on are the types of events that corporations, businesses, associations and lobbying groups will hold. Ones where people are gathered together for education, networking, business development, recognition, awards, training, certifications and similar sorts of things.

Sometimes all of these things will happen at one event!

Here Is A Collection Of Blog Posts Where You Can Find More Of My Event-Focused Work

A case study of this event photography image of a breakout session

This image was taken in a small-ish room during a breakout session. A panel of presenters led a discussion on a specific aspect of computer security during a day long seminar on computer security issues. The breakout session is a familiar part of each conference day that I photograph. Often they are held in rooms with very limited space that doesn’t allow for much movement on my part.

My approach is to use some very low key supplemental lighting that is set up in advance, used to help illuminate a speaker or a portion of an audience. This lighting makes a better quality image that visually isolates a speaker or presenter but at the same time isn’t distracting like a flash blasting away on top of a camera.

And yes, today you can “crank up” the modern cameras we have available. But very low illumination that is very flat and of poor quality in a meeting room will never allow me to create images that focus a viewer’s attention on what you are trying to convey. And you only have, sometimes less-than, seconds to convey your message or capture the attention of someone.

So why not do it with a great image? Sure you see lots of lower quality cell phone snaps and that makes it seem like that is the benchmark for photography. But with a little bit of extra effort, and a lot of skill developed over thousands of assignments, I can make visually interesting images for you that communicate a message as opposed to just document like a snapshot.

A partial list of locations I serve as a Cooperstown event photographer include:

  • Oneonta
  • Norwich
  • Binghamton
  • Ithaca
  • Schenectady
  • Albany

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