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Conference Photographer Cooperstown

Are you in need of a conference photographer in Cooperstown?

Well Cooperstown NY is one of my favorite places to work as a meeting photographer, a convention photographer or what some would refer to as an event photographer.

My work focuses on creating the types of photographs that businesses need. Those photographs can be used for external advertising campaigns or a company’s internal communications needs. And myriad ways in between from websites to internal newsletters to social media posting.

And that means that I take on a lot of commissions as a conference photographer in Cooperstown and all over New York State. You see I specialize in doing the type of photography that focuses on the needs of business and business communications clients. This isn’t about consumer or social event photography that caters to the types of things that the general public as consumers would be interested in.

What do I do as a conference photographer in Cooperstown?

This photographic specialty requires someone who can cover events. Make great photos of speakers and presentations. Cover awards ceremonies and awards nights. Create spontaneous or set-up photos.

My work falls under the umbrella of general event photography. Specifically this gets broken down into several areas of specialization:

There are the controlled photos. Maybe you need some groups or environmental portraits taken. Or perhaps some photos illustrating a product launch or service that you offer. I can offer both a “gentle nudge” sort of direction for you and your subjects. Or can take on the role of director to accomplish what you want and create the photos that you need! Need a bunch of nice groups taken, but don;t want to spend hours doing it? I can handle that quickly and professionally for you using my extensive lighting skills to take a regular image to a higher level of quality.

There are the documentary photos. These involve covering speakers or events as they unfold. There may be times I can nudge things a little to make them better. But largely these sorts of photos require me reverting back to the two decades I spent as a full time news photojournalist. And that means I go into seeing-mode, anticipating and making spontaneous photos that capture what is going on at your Cooperstown meeting. This may mean covering a quiet meeting with a few people and a speaker. Or covering multiple speakers on a larger and more elaborate stage.

Just Look Through My Event Portfolio At This Link on my website. You’ll see large and small events. Big stages and small rooms. Outdoor events where staff does community projects or outreach. You’ll likely find something that looks a lot like what you are planning on doing! And I can do that for you at your Cooperstown convention.

There are the headshots and portraits. You may be commissioning me to take photos at your event that cover the happenings and things that go on in ballrooms and meetings. But this could be one of the few times a year you hire a photographer. Or one of the only times you do. Or, it could be the only time that leadership is available or a couple of key executives will actually be together. Or maybe a celebrity or industry leader will be present. So you need some nice headshots done. Or some deeper portraits that speak to the personality of the person being photographed.

One of the best conference venues in Cooperstown …

… is the well known and historic Otesaga Hotel.

I’ve worked many, many times photographing at the hotel. It has such a wonderful historic setting at the top of Otsego Lake. That lake setting is also an all time favorite background of mine to make individual and group photos. Just steps outside the for onto the lawn that leads to the lake. And you’re in my favorite spot! Of course there are other beautiful semi indoor locations like the columned main entryway. Or the side porch that is partially covered. And there are beautiful bright and open interior locations as well as rich oak paneled interior locations.

The hotel offers the big ballroom as well as several smaller spaces where a larger meeting or convention can happen, with spaces accommodating the needs of smaller groups or breakout sessions.

It’s great working in the ballroom as it has such a historic and grand feel. Not to mention, it has natural light from all the windows! That is a truly unique feature of having a meeting at the hotel. So many events happen in ballrooms with not very many windows. Or even with no windows at all. People may be in a room for a long period of time for speeches or presentations. But there is a wonderful feeling of openness and not being “locked inside” at The Otesaga as folks enjoy seeing the trees right outside, the beautiful daylight and of course, a stolen glimpse of the lake and mountains.

How To Contact Mitch Wojnarowicz Event Photographer in Cooperstown

It’s quite simple

Just Fill Out This Simple Contact Form. You aren’t signing up for anything and you won’t be getting a ton of unsolicited emails from me. I’ll get right back to you!

Or even give me a call at 1 (518) 843 0414 Now this is a little more unpredictable as I’m a location photographer and not tied to a studio or office. So you might have to leave a voicemail for me in which case, I’ll get right back to you.

My first goal is to always listen to a potential client, or to ask the right questions, to get a good understanding of what the needs are that they have. Or what will be required to handle the job for a client. And that’s a great first part of building the relationship where I can handle this part of the event for you so thoroughly that you won’t have to give a second thought to your event photographer. And can get on with doing all the other things you should be doing , whether you stage a 2 hour or 5 day event.

I look forward to hearing from you!