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albany ny conference photographer

I am often hired as conference and event photographer, working all over the state in places such as Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Binghamton, and Lake Placid.

Many times this sort of work is referred to as corporate event photography, business event photography, or conference photography. This is is sort of photography is where I am hired for an event that may be held buy a business or institution as training, recognition, or as a press and media event.

Areas I serve as an Albany NY conference photographer

Since I’m located in a very convenient part of New York State, I have performed conference photography in Albany, Schenectady, Syracuse, Rochester, Cooperstown and Binghamton.

The national conference photography that I have done included traveling to Atlanta, New Orleans, New York city, as well as in many other places around the United States.

What Albany conference photography involves.

This sort of photography involves documenting speakers at a convention, presentations by corporate officials, dignitaries or special guests interacting with corporate members. Sometimes this sort of photography involves providing awards dinner photography, company party photography, or other types of social photography is that an event may require.

As you see in this specific photograph, this type of photography can occasionally involve what is referred to as “production photography” where a large number of people are receiving awards and you want them all photographed. This sort of photography is very challenging. It requires somebody with production photography experience who can keep your event moving while still producing a photograph that all of the participants will enjoy having.

The unique skill I bring as an event photographer in Albany

Sometimes my work as a meeting photographer in Albany involves working more like a photojournalist. This is where I will come to your company or event, and document the interactions between attendees, document events happening on stage, photograph awards being presented, or anything else you need documented for your communication needs in an obtrusive style.

However if there are times where you need for me to take control and direct people. I am very comfortable in producing portraits of attendees at your event, quick photographs with your corporate officers and dignitaries or any other sort of photography that requires an in control photographer who can produce great images in seconds.

Many companies use these conference photographs for their internal communications with their employees. They also use these photographs externally for media distribution and public relations. I am skilled and experienced in turning around images quickly for your media distribution needs. After all I worked for more than two decades as a full time news photojournalist.

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Let's talk about your next corporate event and the conference photography you may require. It is always great when a company contacts me early on in the process of planning their event. If that happens, I can usually offer planning advice and suggestions.

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