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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

Commercial photographer Utica NY

If you’re looking for a commercial photographer in Utica, and maybe further afield elsewhere in New York state, and you want one who specializes in business portraits in Utica, then I invite you to spend some time looking through my website and blog.

As a corporate portrait photographer, I’ve made photos of executives and staff members in many different locations. There are times where we are on the manufacturing floor. Other times, we are in the executive suite or a conference room. And often, we are out in the, literal, field.

As a commercial photographer my work focuses on and specializes in meeting the needs of businesses. That could be for internal communications, B2B advertising, maybe an annual report or a corporate magazine. My focus and specialization is on helping businesses communicate and strengthen relationships as part of their business development goals.

Count on my people skills, and my technical and lighting skills, to make your shoot go smoothly.

A case study of this Utica corporate portrait at Saranac Brewery

Owners from the Matt family stand on the brewery floor the Saranac Brewery in Utica NY at the FX Matt Brewing Company in upstate New York. A visit to the brewery always features family. It’s family owned and family run. And because it’s family, there is always a relaxed and welcoming vibe.

But as always, executives have work to do and places to go. A business is a living, breathing thing that doesn’t rest.

Working for a campaign to raise awareness on New York State craft brewing and distilling, we needed a portrait of the owners. The goal was to show how family roots run deep in many New York businesses. I found a nice spot in between the brew kettles. A common thing that attracts my attention is lines or graphic elements. Overlapping structures. Repeating patterns. That sort of thing. Finding this section of the brew floor, I quickly positioned the leadership. Using a very flexible lighting setup allowed me to nicely light 3 people with a minimum of fussing around.

We were done and the shot was in the bag (well, in the computer) within a few minutes. Happy execs, happy workers who could get back to doing what they do because we were out of their way quickly.

Contact a top Utica commercial photographer today

Let’s say you don’t have any project in mind right this moment that would be a good fit for what I do. Great! So you were looking for a specific type of photography, and at this moment I don’t fit into the right slot. Maybe you wanted someone to pose, pretending to, stiffly, shake hands in front of a plain background.

Well this is a great opportunity for us to “meet” either in person or on the phone. We can get to know each other and then, when you have another project in 3 weeks or 2 years, you’ll have the perfect photographer already in mind.

So Contact Me Today At This Link.

Let’s see how I can help make some great images for you, now or in the future. Let's speak about how I can help you, today or tomorrow!

Location: Saranac Brewery.