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commercial photographer Saratoga Springs NY

As a commercial photographer in Saratoga Springs NY, I am very experienced in knowing how to make your company look good. And how to help you have a project that goes smoothly through the planning stage and results in lots of great visual assets produced from your business photography in Saratoga NY.

I can make your company look good by using my years of experience as a former full time photojournalist. Perhaps I’ll bring to bear my decades of working as a corporate photographer, and as a business photographer.

It may be applying the people skills I have acquired shooting tens of thousands of assignments over my career. (Yes, that’s actually a true number. There were times working for a newspaper that I would shoot 10 to 12 assignments in a day. And there are times where working on a big corporate photography job where I’ll photograph 20 or 30 situations in a day, over a couple of days. Each one of those is like a small “assignment” in itself.) You need the experienced dedicated business photography specialist.

Those years of covering assignments for newspapers, magazines, and photographing for industry and trade publications, have given me the ability and skills to handle a wide range of photography challenges. Whether you need photography in a board room or out in the field or documenting some sort of industrial process. I’ve been “there” before.

Or maybe you need a portrait of a staff member or executive out on location. It takes a very different skill set to pull off an assignment outside the safety of a studio. It takes a next level set of skills to make that photo session happen on location when we can’t control the time of day or weather, but have to shoot at a specific time on a specific day. You don’t want to partner with, and stake your reputation on, someone who advertises that they only shoot consumer or social photography. Or positions themselves as a natural light photographer, as if that implies some sort of creative purity.

Or, what I consider most important, it may involve applying my well honed planning skills well before the shoot even takes place, ensuring we think through and plan everything in advance of the shoot day.

Want to know more about my work as a commercial photographer in Saratoga Springs NY?

You’re not going to see consumer oriented event and social photography here on my website. That’s because I’m a specialist in business and publication photography. You will see the types of photos that businesses and publications can use, from the types of situations that relate to what they do.

I bring a consistent well formed vision as a photographer to your company. It isn’t some cookie cutter vision which try to mimic other photographers. This perspective allows me to see the unique things about your business. And I have a large tool kit to solve the technical challenges we will face once we leave the safety of a studio.

A case study of this business related photograph

In this image, I decided to take a long view of a massive, roughly half mile long, distribution center and warehouse building. Traveling miles away to a different side of a river valley I then waited for the correct time of day, which was planned out well in advance, so the exterior lights of the building would glow against a richly colored sky as the sun was close to the horizon. This required planning with some sophisticated software to choose the right time of the year to make this image. It also required advance planning to know the day when we would have the type of weather that would produce the lighting conditions needed. You see, on a super clear cold day, you don’t get much of a sunset sky … It all came together and with a light touch in the post production phase, the image was brought to life.

You need an experienced Saratoga business photographer

Partnering with an experienced Saratoga photographer will go a long way towards insuring that you end up with great images, such as this one, for any of your photography needs. These needs may include annual reports, marketing or advertising uses, or media distribution. I personally enjoy the challenge as a business photographer in making routine business settings look dynamic and dramatic while retaining the real character of your physical setting. So many potential clients will point to my portfolio of images and say ‘we don’t have anything that looks like that at our facility’. My answer is always “yes you do. That’s why you need me, to come and see that and bring it to life.” Let me bring your business operations to life in your visual communications assets.

Tips for hiring a Saratoga commercial photographer

Things to consider when hiring a photographer includes, most importantly, looking through the photographers entire portfolio to see if they have a consistency of vision. Also you should pay attention to the feeling created by their images. Are they bold and colorful? Are they dark and dramatic? Do they look sleek and modern? Do they look classic and timeless?

Look for a consistency of vision, composition, and tone to the images. This helps you determine of what you are looking was just a “one-off” image that was a lucky moment. Or if it is part of a well developed style and skill of the photographer. These are all things you should take into consideration when hiring a photographer for your business photography needs.

I am able to bring out the best in your business and help you put the best face on your company. This will help you strengthen your relationships with your customers as well as your employees and present a clear vision of who you are to all those you want to do business with.

Contact Mitch Wojnarowicz for your business photography needs in Saratoga NY

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It would be great to talk with you about the project you’re planning. Even if you’re in the early stages, it’s always fun for me to help you figure out if, when and how, your project can be brought to life the way you envision. And it’s especially fun if you have no idea where to start and I can help you, with the questions that come from experience, home in on your vision and needs.

I look forward to hearing from you and to partnering with you.


Location: Saratoga Springs, NY.