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Commercial photographer Ithaca NY

Do you have a project coming up which requires a commercial photographer in Ithaca, NY?

You’ve found a top commercial photographer who, through a centrally located home base in upstate New York state, serves Ithaca and all of New York state.

As a commercial photographer in Ithaca, I work with a diverse base of clients. These clients can range from financial services to agriculture. Healthcare and education to heavy manufacturing. The unifying factor in my work is that I serve the B2B or business-to-business marketplace. My area of expertise is in serving the needs of the business communications sector of the photography marketplace.

In the end the diverse businesses I mentioned all have the same ultimate goals: to develop business and to enhance their relationship with their staff and clients.

Areas I serve as an Ithaca commercial photographer

I’m centrally located as a capital region photographer with excellent access to a great network of New York State highways. This means that so much of the state, from New York city to the Canadian border is within a couple hour drive of me. And that’s a “pile the gear cases in the car and head out” sort of thing that I do dozens of times a year. Int doesn’t require a huge amount of planning nor substantial expense for me to travel anywhere in New York State, western Massachusetts, northern Pennsylvania, or southern Vermont.

The core area that I serve includes:

  • Albany
  • Ithaca
  • Watertown
  • Schenectady
  • Rochester
  • Troy
  • Amsterdam
  • Utica
  • Elmira
  • Syracuse
  • Corning
  • Cortland
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Cooperstown
  • Glens Falls
  • Binghamton
  • Oneonta
  • Lake Placid
  • Latham
  • The Hudson Valley
  • Pittsfield, MA
  • Poughkeepsie
  • The Berkshires
  • Bennington, VT
  • Manchester, VT

What you need from your Ithaca commercial photographer

First and foremost you want someone with a focus on, and an understanding of, business communications needs. This isn’t social or consumer photography. You need to put a professional, competent, modern face on your business. And your visual representation of your business is the first thing many potential and current clients will see. And that can be done only by a photographer who is a communications specialist. Don’t put your business success in the hands of someone who offers a “me too” or “I always wanted to work on a project like that” approach because all they really handle is consumer photography and life-milestone photography.

Look for a diverse skill set that shows competence in handling technical challenges. You need someone who can work with purely natural light. Or who can leverage that natural light to make a great image. And you absolutely need someone who can bring the lighting needed to create any sort of mood, overcome any sort of technical challenge or create something out of nothing for you.

Vision. You should look at a photographer’s portfolio, blog and website and you should see a consistency in the sort of images they shoot. Ultimately you may decide that a specific photographer’s style isn’t right for your project and that’s great. Because you should be able to discern a consistent style which that photographer creates. And that is the most important thing a portfolio can show is a consistent repeatable vision that a photographer can bring to YOUR project. It allows you to know what you are going to get.

Additionally, look for someone who is seasoned at handling the challenges that arise from working out in the, actual, field and not in the comfort of a studio. Do they know how to pre-produce a shoot, asking the right questions from you to understand your needs and expectations? Do they know how to ask the right questions that help you define your needs and expectations even if you don’t know what they are yet? Do they have the resources and connections to bring in staff to handle various aspects of a shoot to help it come to a successful completion?

You also need someone who is well versed in the areas of photography that make up the broadly described sector of ‘commercial photography’. This means that you should seek out someone who can handle corporate photography, editorial photography, annual report photography and is of course someone who is a full time professional photographer.

Case study of this commercial photography assignment in central New York

Beak and Skiff Orchards on the edge of the Finger Lakes region is a distillery and cider making operation as well as family owned apple orchard. The goal was to have a portrait of the owner of the company which would be used in public relations and advertising to promote this sector of the New York state economy. The project is the Brew Central campaign which highlights and promotes the mostly family run brewing and distilling businesses in this state.

Work had to be done quickly. There is a business to be run, after all, that demands this leader’s attention. And something like 98.999% of the people I photograph aren’t models hired to stand around and be at my service for a long period of time. So I have to know what I’m trying to accomplish and be able to communicate that to their staff, to them and to the people working with me.

I worked to create a lighting design that highlighted the warmth of the wood cases and provided soft, natural looking light on him. The portrait was created around the needs of a video crew who was setting up and lighting for an interview. I posed this business leader to look somewhat natural and relaxed, then worked with some light banter to get him to forget that there were 6 or 7 people standing around watching what we were doing. The relaxed expression came, we got the shot and were done in under 20 minutes.

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