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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

Commercial photographer Cooperstown NY

In your search for a commercial photographer in Cooperstown NY, have you been overwhelmed with web search results that feature people who primarily do social and consumer photography? Well my website doesn’t have 10 different things that I claim I can do as a photographer. And you won’t see random landscapes thrown into the mix.

I’m a specialist who serves businesses. That’s what a commercial photographer does; serve the visual communications needs of businesses.

What I do as a commercial photographer in Cooperstown

Being located in a rural part of New York such as Cooperstown means I’m in the heart of the state’s agricultural region. So a lot of my work centers on serving clients in this huge statewide economic sector.

But it’s not what you, stereotypically, think. There are companies that provide high tech services from information technology to laboratory testing and equipment supply to this sector of the economy. So lots of what I do fits into the brief of what a commercial photographer does:

  • I create business portraits in Cooperstown, sometimes referred to as corporate portraits. These are done in a conference room or outdoors on location. It’s rare that I ever set foot in a studio, unless you count the times I literally set up a small studio at a client’s location.
  • I’ll often document the operations of companies at their facilities. This may involve photographing manufacturing operations or executives at work in offices.
  • I’ll frequently create images to illustrate what a company does, which will later be used in B2B advertising, internal and external communications, press handouts and on company websites.

What to look for when hiring a Cooperstown commercial photographer

The biggest skill set will mean that you have a photographer who can think through the shoot before it’s even a finalized and approved brief.

You want:

  • Experience. Shooting a variety of assignments again and again is important. The word ‘variety’ doesn’t mean babies and executive portraits and high school seniors and that one time you got called by an HVAC magazine to photograph equipment being installed at a construction site. It means having the experience shooting on a factory floor. Or in a high tech area. Or out in a barn on a farm. Or in the executive suite of offices. If you are hiring a commercial photographer, you want experience to handle what gets thrown your way when out in the “wild”. The old phrase “been there done that” is actually a statement of skill from a well experienced photographer.
  • Lighting skills. This is critical and key. Yes, there are times where great natural light presents itself. And a skilled photographer will know how to use, to massage and control that natural light to its best advantage. So many photographers call themselves natural light shooters. Well, to be blunt they don’t know how to light. And going out on location or shooting in challenging manufacturing environments means you have to know how to light. Sometimes it;s a subtle bit of sculpting. Sometimes it’s a “nuke and pave” operation where the poor quality available light has to be completely overpowered and replaced by what the photographer can create.
  • Technical skills. The only device that creates a finished product at the press of a button is a toaster. Cameras don;t take photos. A great photographer creates them. Sometimes out of nothing. Sometimes out of disjointed raw materials that are found on location.
  • People skills. Behaving like a cheesy, patronizing or arrogant photographer won’t cut it. Line workers won’t have it, trust is lost and the shoot may as well be over as there is no buy-in. Executives have finely tuned BS detectors and well developed abilities to manage and control the direction of entire companies. They aren’t going to acquiesce to someone who just walked in with a camera and can’t express themselves and offer ideas and suggestions confidently.

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