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Conference photography New York

Conference photography New York..I perform a lot of conference photography throughout all of New York. This type of photography is often called by many different names. It can be called convention photography, conference photography, meeting photography, event photography, trade show photography or corporate event photography. This sort of photography, Like so many other types of photography that I provide, crosses many disciplines. I may be called upon to create staged portraits of attendees or speakers. I also may be called upon to provide journalistic coverage of events that are happening within the main event. Group photos maybe required. Coverage of an awards night may be required. This all falls under the umbrella of what we refer to as convention or event photography...The photographs from this type of event put on by a large or small business maybe needed for the companies advertising, website, internal communications, employee newsletter, or even for distribution to outside media and other press outlets. This image is a good example of one type of photography that I perform as a convention photographer in New York. To extremely busy executives we're needed together for a photograph that would be distributed to local and national media and press after a major announcement at the corporate event I was hired to cover. Even though the meeting room was very dark I was able to position the two executives in front of very large screens in front of the room displaying graphics for the meeting. As a side note the image in the background as well as many, many other images that the event used on the large screens in front of the audience were my photographs. I position the executives in a location where the company's logo and an image that was iconic to the company would be visible in the background. Working extremely quickly, Even with auxiliary lighting, I had the executives positioned the equipment set up and the photograph executed in less than two minutes...So if you're looking for a photographer that does conference photography in New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami, Dallas, or anywhere else in the United States please give me a call and I would be happy to discuss your next project with you.

Location: Liverpool Holiday Inn.