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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

Business Portrait Photographer Albany NY

Are you looking for a specialist who can handle your assignment which requires a business portrait photographer in Albany NY?

Then you have come to the right place.

Whether you need executive portraits or general staff business portraits, I’ve handled business portraits and environmental portraits from the factory floor to the boardroom. And specialize in taking these sorts of portraits out in the, literal, field.

My work as a business portrait photographer in Albany NY

What is a business portrait?

It’s different from a headshot. It may involve one executive or more than one person. A headshot can be generic or it can be a little more involved. Once you cross over into carefully selected lighting, selecting an angle and crop in advance, carefully styling the attire or setting the person will be photographed in then you have crossed over into the more involved business portrait.

A headshot will usually be focused on creating a pleasing record-image of a person. A business portrait will be more meticulously styled, much more deliberate. Less global, as in all the employees look one way in a headshot session, and more specific, as in the business portrait will be singular, unique.

The goal is to communicate more to the audience than just ‘this is what this person looks like’.

What makes one of the best business portrait photographers in the capital district?


My experience in the basic photography skills needed to do this sort of work is deep. I use a variety of styles of creative lighting, responding to the environment and subjects instead of applying a one size fits all approach. Many years as a full time news photojournalist and many years following that as a full time corporate and editorial specialist have given me the people skills to make my subjects comfortable in front of the camera without resorting to cheesy or trite methods which have no place in a professional environment.

I come to you. This isn’t about finding the time to schedule a session for one of your people to travel to a studio. I bring the studio to you, saving time and keeping your staff comfortable.

And finally, my work doesn’t look like everyone else’s. My lighting is a little more direct, maybe even a little harder edged. It’s fashionable now, and getting very common, to light everything so it’s slightly over exposed. Bright, airy, open, detail washes away. My vision is a little bolder. A little more of a spotlight” on my subjects with a slightly darker background. It’s different from everyone else. And I like it that way.

Contact me today to talk about your business portrait photography needs.

A successful project sometimes involves me pulling something out of the fire. Maybe a difficult location. Maybe a wicked time constraint (ask me about the 11 minutes to make a portrait and get it into a Power Point as the CEO stepped on stage in front of hundreds of people.)

But most often a great project involves me talking with you in the formative stages, the ‘what-if’ stages of a project. I can offer suggestions, ideas. I get to mull things over and come up with some approaches for you to consider.

Contact Me At This Link so we can speak about making you look good.

Location: Albany, NY.