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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

Photographer in Albany NY

Centrally located in the capital region of New York State, Mitch Wojnarowicz is your go-to person if you are looking for a photographer in Albany NY. With deep experience, he can handle your needs for corporate photography, editorial photography, annual report photography or commercial photography in Albany NY.

Albany is a great location permitting him to serve photography clients in Schenectady, Troy, Syracuse, Lake Placid and the Hudson Valley. There is so much territory that is within an easy drive of his Albany home base, including southern Vermont and western New England. And most of New York State to the west and south is also convenient, and familiar, territory for him to work in. Also, the border with Canada and all of the parts of NY state that abut it are within easy reach of him and are places he has been, either for work or pleasure, many times.

Why Hire Mitch as your Photographer in Albany NY?

He is one of the top photographers and is often recommended by past clients as one of the best photographers in Albany NY for business, corporate and editorial photography.

Specifically his work focuses on serving the business to business community’s communications needs, also referred to as the B2B communications space.

And his experience is built from a foundation of having worked as a full time news photojournalist for over 2 decades. That time of working in a fast paced news environment provides a depth of technical skill, people skills and problem solving abilities that will help any assignment go smoothly. All while creating great photos out of any location.

Mitch is a different type of photographer in Albany NY

In a web search you will come across many, many people who practice consumer and social photography. Specifically their work is dedicated to documenting social occasions or personal lifetime milestones.

Mitch, as a full time photographer, focuses on creating images for:

  • Corporate communications departments
  • Public relations agencies
  • Magazines and trade publications
  • Annual reports
  • Advertising agencies

His experience as a specialist working for these sorts of end clients means that Mitch knows the difference between what a trade magazine needs from a business location versus what a communications department that is part of the business needs from a photography session. Both types of client can have very different needs from the same location.

His years of formerly working full time as a news photojournalist in Albany have given Mitch the experience with chief executives and high ranking politicians as well as everyday people who have a story to tell. Taking that experience and forging out into his own successful full time photography business, Mitch has handled assignments for a wide variety of clients from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

You need an experienced photographer who is well versed in the wide variety of people and businesses that are encountered on a photo shoot. And you need one who has the track record of planning his way through a shoot far ahead of the time any photos are made, right through handling challenges in the moment at a shoot, to bringing the final images home and delivering them on time and on budget. And you need a photographer who is affable and personable. Agile and focused. One who knows how to work hard and get the job done for you with a great attitude, no matter the challenges.

And you want one who can do that while respecting your budget and making the behind the scenes process of getting all the paperwork done in a painless and efficient fashion so that your work on the back end is made as easy as possible.

Some more information about this photo from a typical business photo assignment

This was a very familiar sort assignment where Mitch was commissioned by a business publication. The brief was to cover the people and facilities at a busy outpatient surgery practice. And to create coverage of enough situations and provide a big enough variety of content that the magazine had enough images to choose from for as large or small a story as they wanted to run. And that included having several candidates for a cover.

And it had a challenge that is familiar to Mitch: The Busy Doctor. Often, he will be called upon to photograph busy executives, top management or possibly professionals who have a demanding schedule and don’t have the time to wait around as a photographer figures out what to do and fiddles with setting it all up.

Agility in problem solving and working with what any location presents is Mitch’s fortè. Seeing a great potential image then setting up the lighting, if needed, and directing a busy subject helps to maximize the opportunity for a great image allowing for Mitch to create a wide variety of images from any setting for an editor or art director.

A well developed sense of how, as well as when, to use supplemental lighting on a subject means that any technical challenge can be overcome. In this case there was a great existing-light scenario with the surgery lamps. But those lights alone were not enough to create a great image, one that could be run across two pages of a magazine. Mitch leveraged those to be part of his lighting scheme, adding multiple frontal lights to bring the subject out from the background, while maintaining the feeling of the surgery lamps.

All of this was set up, tested and completed in short order once the surgery room was available, ahead of the time the doctor would be arriving. Then the doctor, busy seeing patients, created a little break in his schedule and was brought on-set for a few minutes to make the final images. He was then released to resume his full schedule after several variations on this photo were made.

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Get him involved early in the process. There is plenty to talk about, even before you have figured it all out for yourself. Mitch can help you with the process of understanding your needs, overcoming challenges and creating a plan that will allow a shoot to go great, producing a variety of interesting images.

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