Finger Lakes Cider – Syracuse Commercial Photographer

Syracuse commercial photographer

Quality control of cider made at Critz farms in Skaneateles, an image taken by me as a Syracuse commercial photographer.


Syracuse Commercial Photographer


With years of experience as a Syracuse commercial photographer, I look for beautiful natural light, just like master brewer looks looks for the naturally occurring beauty in the fine traditional hard cider that he is made.


This image is part of a long running series focusing on New York State breweries and distilleries, bringing attention to craft-made products such as traditional American hard cider.


Brewing and distilling, from small farm-style operations to larger producers, is growing upstate New York. And I have covered dozens of breweries and distilleries as a New York advertising photographer for a major national advertising campaign.


My skill is in finding beautiful natural light, even in a crowded manufacturing setting. I enjoy working in places were clients wonder what we’re possibly going to shoot in the chosen spot where I’m able to come away with a dramatic and emotional photo such as this one.


The location wasn’t pretty, being in the corner of a brewing floor. But the light was right. And that’s what you want in a photographer, one who can find, and use, the natural light as well as create the light when needed.


My work centers around natural light and that also includes creating natural-looking light.


The light in a photograph can create emotion, connection, and interest from your your reader or your intended audience. Look for a photographer who can create emotional impact with their images.


I take something that is more than just a pretty photograph, creating graphically pleasing images, then working to go beyond that by trying to connect to your audience’s emotion or experience.


I help business is strengthen the relationship they have with their customers and with their employees.


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