saratoga springs ny meeting photographer
Covering an executive conference is a common assignment for me as a Saratoga Springs NY meeting photographer.


Coverage Of A Syracuse Corporate Meeting by a Saratoga Springs NY Meeting Photographer


Traveling to many different types of business meetings in many different cities has given me the skills necessary to handle the challenges of the single or multi day corporate event, convention or business meeting.

Discreetly covering speakers on stage.  Creating fast executive photos for public relations distribution after a major announcement. Documenting the interactions of your attendees.  Awards photos on stage.

Let me bring my decades of experience covering these sorts of events to your next meeting.


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syracuse ny meeting photographer
Providing all aspects of meeting and conference photography throughout New York state. An interesting side note: the large image you see displayed on the screens in front of the audience was taken by me on an assignment for the same corporate client.


cooperstown ny meeting photographer
You want speakers on stage covered at your meeting or event. You don’t want them disrupted and you don’t want the audience’s attention taken away from them. Count on an experienced meeting and event photographer to make it happen for you.


albany ny meeting photographer
Often some quick awards or group photos are needed during a program on stage. My experience allows these to happen smoothly, seamlessly and quickly.


meeting photographer saratoga springs ny
Discreetly working multiple angles of each portion of the program you are presenting is a special skill of mine.


sagamore meeting photographer
Often you’ll need a photo for quick public relations uses, and your subjects, don’t have a lot of time to spare as they prepare for their presentations. I can take the photos quickly and have them ready quickly for your PR and other media needs.


albany event photographer
Photos of your people interacting and relating during breaks in the event, with and without signage, are always needed.


event photographer saratoga springs ny
Many business events will have a trade show running in parallel with the daily program. Quick and candid coverage is something I can handle for you.


syracuse ny event photographer

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