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Creating images for a national automotive company from two of their branches was an assignment which fit well into my skill set as a photographer Saratoga Springs NY.

Photographer Saratoga Springs NY Captures Employees Working in Real Time.


Common assignments for me as a photographer Saratoga Springs NY require creating a large number of images from a single location.

The creative brief for a major national company in the automotive industry involved photographing their employees at a couple of their northeastern locations.

The first location they needed photographed required a Saratoga Springs NY photographer. The corporation wanted for each location to feature real employees who worked at the actual location.  The photos are featured in signage, advertising, collateral and on the web site. The goal is to connect customers to the real people they saw every day at the business.

Customers would personally connect with each local operation by seeing the people they know in all of the marketing materials. The client applied a post production technique which created a desaturated, grittier look. So lighting and composition were critical but not color range.


Working in real time

Photographing quickly and covering the operation thoroughly is required to fulfil the client’s brief .  The day most employees are on site is very fast paced. Taking them away from their duties just isn’t possible. But portraits, as well as “action” photos are required.

Quick posing, agile lighting work, skilled at walking in and “seeing” the image I want.  Combine these skills with an ability to relate to people quickly.  This allowed me to create a large variety of images for the client. Oh, and it was a very cold day …


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Photographer Saratoga NY
Shooting photos in a fast paced environment which fit the client’s brief. Quickly photographing key personnel without taking them away from their job duties for long periods of time. Or making them uncomfortable by drawing attention to them.


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Employees knew a photographer would be on-site during one of the busiest times for them. But they all had to keep performing their jobs as fast as needed. Finding a good situation which fit the client needs, making the subject comfortable and gaining their permission, then making the photos fast are skills I’ve developed over decades of shooting as a photographer Saratoga Springs NY.


Saratoga Springs business photographer
Providing variations, quickly, from each situation was important as I had to maximize each opportunity because the fast pace meant work wouldn’t be going on for hours.


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Natural and rapid posing enables me to get the photos my clients need. It also keeps the subjects comfortable and allows them to get right back to work.


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