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Hudson Valley NY Photographer

As a Hudson Valley NY Photographer, I get to see that The Hudson River Valley light … is the same as it has always been.



Hudson Valley NY Photographer


Working as a Hudson Valley NY photographer, I’m always aware of the school of painters from such a long time ago, the ones who were attracted by the unique light in this part of the world.


It just sweeps and moves and spreads everywhere. I too am attracted by that same Hudson Valley light that makes this part of the world look like no other location I’ve ever been to.


Late on a Friday afternoon after completing the shoot on a dairy farm for an agricultural client in the northern part of the valley, I noticed the late day late starting to sweep through. Of course this could be just another sentimental sunset photo. But I tried to take it further. This was framed to incorporate the elements of the buildings and the reflections from the wet ground around me with the beautiful sky that was stretching out to the horizon with a river below.


I waited for a little while made several images and then had the shot that I wanted which captured a basic feeling of what it’s like to live and work in the Hudson river valley, surrounded by that beautiful light.


This wasn’t an image that was done for the client or any specific need for the client, but I think the client in the end will value having it. I’m always looking out for that little bit extra when I’m on a shoot.


And I ended up coming away with a favorite image.


It is not a prizewinner, it is not anything super dramatic, but it’s a moment from they day and from my life as a photographer.
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