glens falls photographer
Portraits on the farm, as well as work being done and scenics, were part of an early summer assignment arcing across northern New York State and Vermont for a major dairy client. This territory is part of my home region and is an easy drive for me as a Glens Falls photographer.


Northern NY and VT Agriculture Photography by a Glens Falls Photographer


Here are images from a two day swing across northern New York through Plattsburgh, along the Canadian border and into the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont producing images for a major dairy farming client.

Once again, it was a familiar “image library” shoot where we were aiming for general coverage of several different farms, creating photos that could be used in a variety of ways in the future.


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corporate photographer glens falls
A consistent style in the location portraits featured supplemental lighting and control of the focus on the background, as well as a composition which allowed a graphic designer some flexibility in the future.


commercial photographer glens falls
Setting up and directing natural looking moments is sometimes required on site to meet the needs of the assigning client. And … to get the subjects back to their work quickly.


glens falls commercial photographer
More of the consistent style of portraits done on the different farms. Working out in the field is a specialty of mine as a Glens Falls commercial photographer.


commercial photographer glens falls
Always looking for the scenic and natural views, whether they are of pastoral scenes or showing a factory building in it’s best light.


lake placid photographer
Gently working with supplemental lighting in the field helps create bright, open images which still look very natural.


plattsburg photographer
Looking across Lake Champlain towards the Green Mountains of Vermont.


photographer plattsburg ny

old forge photographer
Photographing people at work often has to be done with whomever is at hand. And, they are usually busy. So ‘storyboarding’ and image in my mind first allows me to approach a subject, tell them what I want to photograph, get them on board, then make the image quickly.


vermont dairy farmers
Some group photos with once again, some gentle supplemental lighting.


vermont agriculture family farm
I’m always open to the great moments that happen in front of you. You can tell that these young Vermont farmers have a good relationship with their animals.


vermont farm brothers
Young Vermont dairy farmers, and brothers, who are outstanding in their field.


vermont farm scenic

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