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An image library shoot day is a common assignment I’m commissioned to photograph as a corporate photographer Albany NY. Requiring a diverse set of skills, these shoot days can produce many images for a variety of uses for your company’s communications needs.


An Image Library Photography Day by a Corporate Photographer Albany NY


The image library shoot day is a common assignment for me.

As a corporate and commercial photographer based out of Albany, I’m often commissioned to provide broad general coverage of a single business or manufacturing operation.

The client might not know exactly what they need the photos for in the future. So that is where creating an image library with lots of images for them comes in.

We’ll create portraits, environmental portraits, cover workers in action, shoot scenics, document details and explore sub-subjects within the main creative¬†brief.

Let’s talk about how I can bring my experience as a corporate photographer Albany NY out into the field to create a collection of images for your business.



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Location portraiture presents the unique challenges of having to find a suitable location, fast while managing lighting equipment out in the field. Also, subjects are often not available to wait around and pose for long periods of time as they have to get back to work. So working quickly and efficiently soften required.


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Natural looking portraiture on location is a key aspect of many creative briefs. Whether lighting is used for a consistent look or natural light is leveraged for efficiency and ambiance, I have the skills to use whatever light is available … from nature or from the trunk of my car.


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Coverage of the same subject with a variety of angles and moments is often a part of an image library shoot day where the exact future use of the images can’t possible be anticipated. So we work to produce the most variety we can from a given situation.


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It’s always a hustle out on location.


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Knowing how to see the scene, and knowing enough to turn around and look, from the same spot, at the different scene that might be right behind me has been ingrained from my days as a photojournalist.


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Details, details, details. They can tell the story or illuminate an idea. Again, knowing when and how to use natural or artificial light depending on what the situation calls for is key.


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Let’s take a trip out into the field to make some images for your company.


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