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The generations of family members on the family farm in Delhi, NY that I was assigned to shoot as a Cooperstown photographer. Contact me today for all your upstate annual report and public relations photography needs.



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The creative brief for the shoot in the central part of New York State was to produce a collection of images showing the family relationships and showing the day-to-day operations on a specific family farm. The photos would be used in an annual company awards ceremony and would be used as stock imagery for the commissioning company’s internal communications materials and its web site.


Working time on site is always very hectic is and the time subjects are available is always very tight when you’re on a working farm. The family has business to take care of they have their operation run. I’m able to work light and fast, covering what is needed, working around the situations that nobody can predict in a real working environment, all while continuing to smoothly execute the shot list that we created before arrival on site. I’ll bring home the photos that you need for your communications project.


I centered in on the several generations of men on this family farm in Delhi, New York. What I saw was the relationship of them working together to keep the family business moving forward and to get the days work finished. That required a gentle and thoughtful approach on my part to see the authentic images, but not to disrupt what they were doing. Coming in and telling them what to do and where to be and how to stand would’ve ruined the authenticity that was present at the generations-old farm. You need a photographer who is sensitive to what he finds on location as well as committed to the brief that you are trying to follow. I’m your photographer.


These images can range from action photos of people actually working with minimal interruption, or they can be photos that have been prearranged and predetermined before we arrive at the shoot. One of the hallmarks of my style of working is that I have the ability to be flexible, responding and reacting to what happens in front of me, while being sensitive to the needs of the people that are subjects for the shoot day.


And I know how to find the time as a Cooperstown photographer where I can gently seer a subject into sitting for me for a portrait, or doing something for the camera that will fulfill the needs of my end client.


What results from a shoot day like this is a collection of natural looking authentic appearing images that resonate with your target market.


Let me bring home some real images for you from your locations that can help you put a face on your business and connect with your people.



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