Technology in the field – Cooperstown Photographer Corporate Editorial

Cooperstown photographer corporate editorial

A typical assignment I take as a Cooperstown photographer corporate editorial is photographing staff at work in the field such as this representative from an agriculture technology firm.


Cooperstown Photographer Corporate Editorial


As a Cooperstown photographer corporate editorial and a New York annual report photographer I cover a wide variety of events and situations for the public relations and communications needs that every business has.While a technology executive works in the field, I’m there with them, guiding the situation, taking photographs for your marketing materials.


Whether it’s out in the field with an executive or in the offices with your staff and employees I can handle a variety of imagery that your company needs to strengthen its relationships with its customers and your employees. Real photos of your real people doing real things communicates son much more powerfully than a stock photo.


Recently, I had a conversation with a person who said their website’s photos weren’t anyone who actually worked there. The site was full of stock photos and it hurt the employee’s perception of the company she was working for. What message does generic stock photography send to your customers and clients?


With decades of experience it doesn’t matter if you want to head out into the field or stay in the safety of the office. I have experience in all facets of photography including creating portraits, making dynamic images of people actually at work, and on occasion making something beautiful appear out of nothing.


The goal is to create dramatic photos that communicate your message to your audience. Whether that is done with a very strict creative brief where everything is planned in advance or in a more spontaneous way where we respond to what we find a location that is guided by a structure that we set up before we go to do the shoot … I’m your photographer.


For all of your Cooperstown photographer corporate editorial needs, contact me today so we can talk about your next project. Whether you have a tight brief ready and waiting for creative production or if you’re just in the planning phases. I’d love to talk with you about your next project.