commercial photographer saratoga springs ny
Photographing on a hop farm in central New York, supporting a business and tourism development initiative by bringing attention to craft brewing in the state. Working out in the field, without the safety of a studio, is my forte as a commercial photographer Saratoga Springs NY.


Coverage of Breweries and Distilleries in NY from a Commercial Photographer Saratoga Springs NY


There has been rapid growth of the brewing and distilling industries in New York state.

A commission to photograph many of these producers in the central part of the state for The Brew Central NY advertising campaign fit very well with my decades of experience as an editorial photographer as well as my skills as a corporate and commercial photographer.

There are so many small mom ‘n pop places as well as major producers of craft beer and craft spirits in the state. Check out Brew Central and pay a visit to a brewery or distillery in the state today!


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corporate photographer saratoga springs ny
The Brew Central initiative was designed to bring attention to the craft brewing and distilling taking place in New York State. Two row barley and local hops are being grown in the state to support local craft brewers with local ingredients.


business photographer saratoga springs ny
An environmental business portrait is something I want to photograph for every business photography assignment.


new york brewing and distilling
Details, details, details are always something I look for on every business assignment.


location photographer albany ny
Available natural light is great and is always my first choice when photographing an assignment. But, years of developing my lighting skills allows me to bring another dimension to my work, bringing back great images when there isn’t much beautiful quality natural light around.


corporate photographer albany ny
Knowing how to light means my images will pop off the page when the available natural light isn’t all that good. You don’t need to settle for flat images with a super shallow depth of field and mushy color balance just because the natural lighting was a few overhead fluorescent fixtures.


upstate NY commercial photographer
Careful use of lighting keeps these images looking natural and not over-produced.


annual report photographer albany ny
Some things just don’t exist unless you create them with lighting.



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