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A second location where I photographed for a major auto industry client, showing their staff at work. Broad general documentation of a company’s operations is a common assignment for me as a commercial photographer Poughkeepsie.


Employees On The Job for Marketing Uses – Commercial Photographer Poughkeepsie


My work as a commercial photographer in Albany takes me all over the northeast.

A second shoot for a major national automotive client called for repeating the creative brief a second time.

The company wants real images of their staff at work for use in advertising and marketing collateral. They would rather have their customers see the people they are familiar with in the signage and marketing materials instead of some generic stock photo showing a stranger.

Real photos of real people connecting with real customers.  Generic stock can’t do that.


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poughkeepsie commercial photographer
This assignment had the same creative brief as another you’ll see on this blog. The company wanted to photograph their actual employees so their images could be used in the collateral and web marketing efforts. Having actual local employees appear in local signage and on the website is preferred by the company over using generic stock photos.


corporate photographer poughkeepsie
Another assignment where agility as a photographer mattered. Quick portraits while employees were working, interaction with customers and general scenes around the business are captured in real-time with minimal fussing with lights and fretting over angles.


poughkeepsie corporate photographer
Employees at work, watch what they do for a cycle or two, add some some gentle supplemental lighting. It’s a winning recipe.


albany executive portraits
The future uses of the manager’s photo could vary. So producing a variety of compositions and settings was quickly accomplished … though maybe it didn’t feel as quick to a Florida native posing in the freezing weather as it did to this native Northeastern photographer.


albany publication photographer
People actually at work. Looking for an expression or reaction that fit the creative brief.


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albany headshots
Quick portraits of staff members while at work.

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