Empire State Plaza Glow – Commercial photographer Albany NY

commercial photographer albany ny

The office buildings of New York’s Empire State Plaza in Albany. Architectural photography is part of what I do as a commercial photographer Albany NY


Nighttime architecture from a commercial photographer Albany NY


Working as a commercial photographer Albany NY, I’m always looking to push my knowledge of a photographic subject or my technical abilities.


I have an interest in using technology and software that is available to me to create new and interesting looking images that help arrest a viewers attention, and communicate the message of my client.


This photograph was taken in the New York state capital of Albany New York, at the Empire State Plaza where state government offices are housed.


The image was made in the evening after the sun has already set. What I wanted was a glowing structure set off against a dark but rich color background which provided visual interest of the of the glass-curtained structures of the plaza that so many people are familiar with. This image brings a new view to a subject that many people are otherwise familiar with, a view which has been photographed many times.


It’s a goal of mine, to try to bring a fresh look at a familiar subject. Wether that is accomplished with lighting, technology and software or composition, my goal is to give you something new and fresh from your shoot. Of course, I get any images you specify, and I make sure the assignment is covered to your specifications and satisfaction before moving off in a new direction.


But with a little time and my experience and decades of expertise at bringing images “home” for my clients, I can often provide that fresh new look you want.


Let’s talk about your needs for your annual report, your public relations projects, your publication projects, or an image library.

Contact me today at this link and I’ll gladly talk with you about your project, regardless of wether it is something firm that is scheduled or just in the planning stages.

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