business headshot photographer Albany NY
Whether you need a single well crafted executive headshot, or more of an environmental portrait, or even a large number of staff headshots executed in a tight time frame, call on me, an experienced business headshot photographer Albany NY.


Business Headshot Photographer Albany NY and a company photo day.


If you need business headshot photos in the Albany NY region, you’ve found the right photographer.


Some Albany headshot photography sessions, such as the one shown in the image featured with this post, need to be quick and efficient, as large numbers of people need to be documented. The brief for the shoot pictured was to document all of the workers for a factory for internal uses.


Other headshot photography sessions require much more time with each subject to create a very polished image that, perhaps, will have to fit into a very specific layout on a website or in a publication.


And finally, as an Albany headshot photographer, I’m often called upon to make an executive portrait that may be done to show a specific environment. This single photo may require extensive planning and setup to be prepared for an executive who may only have a few minutes to spare for what will be a critical part of the company identity.


What you need from your Albany headshot photographer


Wether you need a large volume of images done quickly, or a single super polished environmental portrait you need an experienced photographer such as me.


I’ve handled assignments for many businesses and publications, websites and public relations efforts and am a business specialist. You don’t want to rely on someone who does family and consumer photography to be the one photographing your executive team.


Please Get In Touch so we can talk about the next business headshot photos you want to take at your company!