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Capturing interactions between attendees and stakeholders is a key part of what I do as an Albany NY meeting photographer. From multi day business event photography to single day networking meetings, I have the experience to photograph your business event in Albany.


Albany NY Meeting Photographer Covers an IT and Computer Security Conference


Business meetings and corporate events can range from large multi day conventions to intensive single-day business presentations and networking events.

The creative brief for AdNet technologies involved covering their IT business and computer security event in Albany NY.

Important to the client was coverage of the interactions that took place.  From businesspeople networking with each other, to vendors interacting with business people in a small trade show, to attendees having one on one interactions with presenters and stakeholders. Clean and candid photos were needed of it all.

Of course, the usual business event photography was required.  This included presenters on stage and a bit of formal group photography as well.

A key skill I can bring to your meeting is the ability to discreetly photograph speakers and presenters against a bright PowerPoint type background.  You want to see your presenter.  You want to see what they are talking about.


Find out more about the upcoming WorkSmart, business and IT security conference held by AdNet Technology in the northeast.

And AdNet Technologies Website can provide you with more info about what they do in the realm of IT services and security.

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Skilled use of discreet lighting enables me to make photos of your presenters where both they and the topic they are discussing is visible.


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More of my unobtrusive lighting helps me make great photos of your presenters in the sometimes plain hotel ballroom type locations where these sorts of events take place.


Natural interactions featuring vendor partners at the event.

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Of course you need your speakers covered. And I’m skilled at doing so quickly and with minimal disruption.


Working unobtrusively, I can capture the interactions between your staff and attendees.


saratoga springs event photographer
More of my clean, simple, unobtrusive lighting which helps your speakers and presenters look great.


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