Albany NY headshot photographer
The styles of headshots that I create for businesses as an Albany NY headshot photographer range from classic through modern and edgy. Get an updated and modern headshot for yourself or for your entire company. It’s your personal brand that is on display in today’s visual world.

An Albany NY Headshot Photographer and Your Business Identity

We’re in a visual world today.

Social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and G+ all are visually driven. Email signatures and proposals all have room for you to use a photo of yourself.  It’s all about branding … yourself!

Does your business headshot match your experience?  Is your personality coming through? Are prospects or clients able to connect through the photo to the real you and not just to a voice on the phone or some text in an email?

Are you using a selfie with some beach chairs in the background?  Or, it’s OK I won’t judge, a shot from your laptop’s built in camera? Do you think that the heavily filtered shot you did with your phone conveys that you are professional, trustworthy, confident?

An experienced Albany photographer can help!

As an Albany NY headshot photographer, I specialize in business and corporate headshots.

Decades of experience serving businesses and corporations exclusively. Thousands of people photographed. Headshots photographed at your business, pleasantly, efficiently and professionally.

Get in touch today.

Contact Me if you’re looking for business headshots in Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga Springs, Cooperstown.  Or anywhere in New York state.

I travel well beyond the Capital District creating great images for corporations, businesses.  And, photographing your staff during a corporate event or business meeting can be done as well!

headshot photographer Albany NY
A more natural type of headshot with lighting that is directional and slightly softer. This style of lighting is very friendly to many different types of people.
saratoga headshot photographer
A more modern style of headshot lighting. This harder and edgier look is great for younger clients who want a different look than the classic business headshot style we’ve all seen over the years. It’s also great for companies that do less traditional work and for creative companies.
headshot photographer Saratoga Springs
The classic business headshot look. This time tested style of lighting is great for more conservative companies or companies who want a more traditional look. It is also a great style of lighting when a large number of people need to be photographed quickly.
headshot photographer
The main photo featured in this post shows a somewhat classic style of headshot lighting. But it has a more modern twist, featuring a shallower depth. The face is in sharp focus but you’ll see that the sharpness quickly falls away as the subject blurs into the background.