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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer
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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

Best Albany headshot photographers

No need to search any further for one of the best Albany headshot photographers in the capital district.

My experience allows me to serve the head shot needs of entire businesses or smaller subsets of employees. And entire professional offices and organizations.

Deep experience as a full-time location photographer means I bring the studio to you!

No need to send your people or your leadership off site somewhere. No need to endlessly struggle with scheduling. We pick a day, or multiple days, and get your people photographed at your location.

You get options including different styles of lighting, different compositions, background choice and different options for your people to choose the photos they want. Basic and advanced retouching services are offered as well.

What are some of the options I offer as a top Albany headshot photographer?

Some of the options include:

  • Various lighting styles.Hard and edgy. Directional and soft. Modern. Flattering. Classic. These are some of the styles of lighting that are available to you.
  • Custom lighting styles. Need to match something the rest of your company with offices elsewhere is doing? Want to come up with something that’s unique or suits a specific need? I can do that for you!
  • Different backgrounds.You can choose from popular, classic background colors. Or we can add a custom color for you.
  • Composites. Want to have all of your people against the same background, such as a view out a window or looking like they are inside your offices? We can do that with compositing!
  • Proofing options. Whether it’s best to offer you an online web gallery for you to choose each person’s photo, or to have them choose live right on site after their headshot session, I can provide the service that matches your needs.
  • Let’s talk today. If you need something custom, that’s easy to arrange.

    Contact me today about your headshot photography needs!

    Phone or email, I’ll get back to you quickly

    You can call 1 (518) 843-0414 and we can talk about things right away. Of course, I’m often out in the field working on photo projects!

    Or you can use My Contact Form At This Link. That will be the most efficient as I always return inquiries within 12 hours and most often much more rapidly.

    Let me help you get your headshot project photographed so that your people have up to date modern professional photos!


Location: Albany, NY.