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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

Albany NY Photographer

Hello and thanks for coming by to see the work that I have created as an Albany NY photographer.

You may have been searching the web, or other resources, for photographers in this region, and may have come across a ton of listings … which didn’t fit your needs. They just may not have shown the type of photographs that you need. Or they may be photographers who specialize in consumer areas as opposed to being ones with deep B2B photography experience.

Well your search may be over for the type of photographer who can handle the types of visual content creation that businesses and publications require. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

You Want An Albany NY Photographer Who Specializes In Business and Publication Photography

People have called me one of the top Albany NY photographers for business and publication photography.

My work is focused on creating images for businesses, publications, institutions, advertising agencies and public relations clients. I’m sure in your search for a photographer in this area that you came across lots of listings for part time businesses who specialize in consumer related and social photography in Albany. As well as a million other listings for people who show no business related photography and are hoping to get work outside of their consumer specialization.

But those Albany photographers may just be part time people with a full time job elsewhere who work in the social and consumer worlds. You are looking for a photographer who has a depth of experience in creating visual content for businesses. Creating great photography for websites and social media. One who understands budgets and deadlines. One who can bring ideas and “treatments” to the creative process that happen before an image is made. One who can think through the logistics of a shoot as well as the creative challenges … before arriving on site to make images. You are looking for a well published expert with the deep experience of thousands and thousands of successfully completed assignments.

And you have found the person who specializes as a business photographer in Albany NY

The foundation of my experience was set when I was a photojournalism student at the SI Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Graduating from that top journalism school, my focus then centered on working as a full time news photojournalist. Covering tens of thousands of assignments (seriously … thats not hyperbole) over a couple of decades exposed me to a variety of learning experiences and challenges. It also allowed me to lear how to relate to people, to listen to them and really understand them and the needs that they have.

Working for a newspaper put me in all sorts of industrial and manufacturing situations. Breaking news events. Covering pre planned meetings. Being responsible for creating business portraits. Contributing ideas to the hungry family that was a newspaper where you ideas and work were turned into content and used up every day. Then you had to come up with a fresh set all over again to fill up the next day’s paper.

This work experience gave me a versatility and a skill set that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. And this skill set can be put to use for you on a variety of assignments you may have which require a New York state photographer.

My work as an Albany NY business photographer

Take this business portrait image as an example.

This portrait is of a brewmaster in the F. X. Matt brewery, which today is the Saranac brewery, in Utica New York. It was created for an advertising campaign. Working as an advertising photographer in Albany NY as well as upstate New York and the Utica New York areas, I have been commissioned to photograph many different types of subjects. These subjects need images created of them for a variety of photography uses from executive portrait photography, to environmental portraiture, to businesses in operation, to industrial photography.

This is a very common sort of assignment for me. There is an endless need for business portraits of different people from the factory floor to the executive suite. And I’ve handled those types of assignments for companies and publications as well as advertising agencies and public relations firms.

Where I specialize as a professional photographer in upstate New York is in environmental portraiture. An environmental portrait is one in which the subject is photographed in their usual surroundings. This could be an executive in an office setting, someone working outdoors, or a front line worker in a manufacturing setting. The goal of an environmental portrait is to show what the person does. Or on a deeper level to give you some insight into who they are. Sometimes these environmental portraits can be done in the location a subject typically inhabits. Other times, the assignment calls for something more interpretive. In that case I bring years of idea-making and problem solving skills to bear in creating a plan for executing a successful photo shoot.

I particularly enjoy this type of work as an assignment photographer in Albany as it gives me the opportunity to learn something about many different types of people as well as the hundreds and hundreds of different sorts of jobs people perform every day. I look forward to assignments where I may perform environmental portraiture in a manufacturing setting or one that involves outdoor photography.

Get in touch with and Albany business photographer who is anxious to hear from you

I am based in the central location of Albany New York and easily travel, often, for assignments elsewhere in the state as well as to neighboring states.

My work takes me to so many different places, meeting a variety of people, covering widely variable things.So rest assured that I can bring the skills you need to successfully plan and execute any assignment large or small.

It’s always exciting to hear from a new or existing client about a new project that they have. That phone call or email means that I get to go off on a new adventure and I’m always excited by it. After all these years of shooting for corporate and editorial clients, I still love what I do.

So regardless of how small or large your project is, I would love to hear from you. Again, I love what I do and am always excited to hear from a potential client about a project they are considering. Let me help you walk through some ideas and plans that will ensure a successful photographic project.

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It would be great to hear about the next project you are planning.


Location: Saranac Brewery, Utica, NY.