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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer
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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

albany ny corporate photographers

It’s great that I have this chance to tell you about my work as one of the most experienced Albany NY corporate photographers.

My background in photography is as an Albany NY photojournalist. Transitioning out of the news business, it was quickly obvious that corporate photography was changing and would be a great fit for me

My skills in synthesizing an image that made sense out a disorganized or rapidly unfolding scene, learned as a photojournalist, meshed well with the changing style of corporate photography that was evolving. Gone were the days of thousands of watts of flash-power and really big formal film to make a technically impeccable image. “In” was the desire to see “inside” a company. To show personality, competence, inventiveness, commitment.

And who better to create those types of modern corporate photos than a former photojournalist who went so far as to take courses in studio photography so that he could learn about the technical aspects. And today, apply them with agility to the real aspects of a corporation’s operations.Creating photos that go beyond the static and posed. The contrived. And instead curve towards the real.

My philosophy of working as an Albany corporate photographer

It’s pretty simple. Find what’s real. Archetypal. Essential to a business or about a business. Find what’s familiar and also what is different. Go beyond the superficial [Our People Make The Difference!]. And instead find out what those people do.

Then photograph them in interesting light. Light that makes sense and is “reasonable”. Whether that light comes from finding the exact right time of day to make the photo. Or if it comes from carefully adding one or 72of the things that I haul with me, using them to make it look like we were there at the exact right time of day.To photograph your things in beautiful, reasonable, light.

And make it look real. By capturing real things happening in real time. Or by deftly coaching or directing, staging and lighting, so that it looks real.

The areas I serve as a corporate photographer in Albany


Ok that sounds a little snarky. Superficial and boastful too. Photographers will often say that they will go anywhere. But I’ve been lots of places. And have had the experience of making a great image in a dairy barn when it’s 3 degrees out. Or in a boardroom on a very high floor with a stunning view and simply perfect climate control.

But while I do travel anywhere. my core area of service as a corporate photographer is in the capital district of New York State. And really, New York State (outside of New York City) at large. Sure I’ll work in the city. But that’s not the market I target. I’ve been to Pennsylvania and New Jersey a lot. Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Vermont too.

So the places I go to often include:

  • New York Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Glens Falls, Saratoga Springs, Syracuse, Rochester, Watertown, Buffalo and Binghamton.
  • Pennsylvania Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Williamsport, Allentown, Easton, State College. And lots and lots of little towns like Wellsboro, Mansfield, Tioga
  • New Jersey Montgomery, Bridgewater, Paterson, Saddle Brook, Fairfield
  • Massachusetts Pittsfield, Amherst, Greenfield, Great Barrington, Williamstown, Lenox, North Adams, Adams, Springfield, Northampton, Boston
  • Vermont Rutland, Machester, Bennington, Brattleboro, Burlington.

And there are so many small towns in between all of these locations where I’ve been. There are just too many to name. But all held some form of interest for the people, the topography, the tourist trap. Or most often something local, regional distinct, odd or very local to eat. And I’m grateful for all of those place I’ve passed through. They add a richness to my life as a working photographer.

So how about we figure out what your project needs?

Here’s The Link To Get In Touch With Me

If you’d like you can give me a call at 1 (518) 843-0414 and we can talk about things right away.

I’m very fond of talking with a potential client very early in the process. Maybe you just don’t have things figured out yet. Maybe you just have a vague idea of what you want or need. That’s a great time to talk with me as I can provide help by telling you about what I can do for you. Or can help by asking some really good questions that will help you figure all that out.

I look forward to hearing about the great things you company does. And learning how I can help you better connect with everyone you want to reach.


Location: LaGrange, GA.