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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer
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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

Albany NY corporate photographer

Welcome to my website and my work that I’ve created as a top corporate photographer in Albany NY.

With decades of experience serving a diverse set of clients, I can handle your corporate photography challenges. Sometimes this work involves documenting manufacturing processes. Other times, as a corporate photographer, I’m working in the “e-suite” creating executive portraits.

The measure of a great corporate photographer is versatility. And with the variety of assignments I have completed over many years as a full time photographer, versatility is the key attribute I can offer.

What you should look for in a corporate photographer in Albany NY

Versatility is the key as I have mentioned. But let’s break that down a little further

Technical skill: A busy corporate photographer will be placed in situations ranging from fully controlled and studio-like to ones where you are out in wild weather or dangerous manufacturing operations. The ability to make a great photograph centers on technical skill. This isn’t just camera operation. Understanding the natural light, or lack of it, combined with the challenges of lighting ratios as well as subject coloring and motion is one key area a great corporate photographer must excel.

Lighting skill: As I’ve already mentioned, corporate photographers will be placed in widely varying conditions. Knowing how to finesses great natural light is a hallmark of any great photographer. Just because there is some natural light available doesn’t mean a great photo will automatically happen. It just doesn’t jump into the camera, ready for output to a hundred thousand copies of an annual report. That natural light needs to be understood and managed to its best advantage. Manipulated and finessed.

When the natural light just isn’t there, or when a specific mood or look needs to be captured, then an expert at location lighting is needed. This isn’t working in the safety of the studio. Though I do “bring” a full complement of studio lighting if required. Those same lighting skills and principles can be applied anywhere to bring your vision back home with us. Doing this for decades out in the field means I have the ability to pre visualize and plan, to bring the lighting needed to make the shot happen smoothly.

People skill: Forget the cheesy behaviors. The starving artist attitude. The impatient perspective of someone doing this like it’s a commodity assembly line. A good corporate photographer such as myself will be able to relate to the subjects we’re photographing. A great education form Syracuse University’s SI Newhouse School of Public Communications and couple decades as a full time photojournalist gave me a great foundation for relating to manufacturing workers. Ordinary people. Executives. Folks around the office. Decades of doing this allows me to smoothly integrate with the people I’ll be photographing, making them comfortable and helping us get the shot we envision.

You want an Albany NY business photographer who is a specialist

B2B and B2C photography is what I understand and what I do. I work for corporations, institutions, manufacturers, editorial magazines trade publications. You’ll see a lack of babies, senior portraits and landscapes on my website. Well, unless someone’s manufacturing facility photographed from a distance in it’s setting is considered a landscape…

Centrally located in New York’s state capital gives me great access to Utica, Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester, Oneonta, Binghamton, Cooperstown, Hudson, Kingston and Poughkeepsie.

Also very close to me is North Adams, Pittsfield and northwestern Connecticut. It’s all an easy car ride away from me.

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Location: Skaneateles, NY.