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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer
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Albany New York Corporate Editorial Annual Report Conference Photographer

albany business portrait photographer

Surprised to see this photo when you searched for a business portrait? It isn’t someone in a suit …

That’s the difference. I’m a photographer with deep experience working in boardrooms and out in the, literal, field. Business portraits happen in a wide variety of places with a wide variety of people.

Albany business portraits

Creating a compelling business portrait or executive portrait for your communication needs is a favorite challenge for me. These sorts of executive portraits, whether they are for an annual report, or something you were using for trade magazine photography, or something that will be used as advertising photography, often have a simple and straightforward appearance to them.

Case study of this Syracuse business portrait

This photograph is a great example of just that. It is a very straightforward portrait of a farmer that I took working in the field for an agricultural client. As an Albany business portrait photographer I’m often hired in to travel to other parts of the state to handle challenging shoots.

The challenges in a situation such as this aren't always obvious. We were working in extremely hot conditions on a farm in central New York State. The temperature was approaching 100 degrees. The time the subject was available to us was the worst possible time of the day for photography which is when the sun is at its highest point in the middle of the day. This time of day is challenging because there is no direction to the light. It just comes from high in and creates harsh shadows and flat looking landscapes period

I solved this problem by bringing in a simple but powerful lighting setup. Equipment was set up to shade the subject, who was sitting for this executive portrait, from the direct sunlight. I then added my lighting back in so that I was able to control the way he looked in the finished photograph. This is a favorite technique of mine, where I control what the final lighting looks like. I also placed the subject in a spot where the background had a pleasing look to it and there was color contrast to help to create visual interest in the otherwise harshly lit scene.

A slight warming affect was applied to the lighting to suggest a later-day light falling upon the subject. And the composition was created in such a way that left room for the client using this as marketing photography where copy could be placed next to the subject when this ran as a full-page advertisement.

So if you were looking for a business portrait photographer in Albany New York, or an executive portrait photographer in Syracuse New York let's talk a little bit about your photographic needs. I’ve handled these sorts of projects in Binghamton, Albany, Syracuse, Oneonta, Rochester, Glens Falls and Lake Placid.

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